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Interconnected & Integrated

I enjoy immersing myself in a variety of interconnected areas of expertise and integrate my authentic self into everything I do. Whether I work with individuals or organisations as Registered Dietitian, Coach, Leader, Mentor, Speaker, Author or Event Host/Facilitator, I add value to my clients in each of these capacities or as a combination of them. Whatever your choice, you will receive my undivided attention and expertise, delivered with excellence. Together, we will accomplish your goal, whatever it may be.

Organisations That Have Benefitted from My Expertise...

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As a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant, I work with organisations requiring nutrition consultancy services and am always open to collaborative partnerships. I consult on nutrition-related projects and deliver workshops and training.

I help individuals maximise their health through coaching to prevent and manage a range of conditions including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight/obesity, women’s health issues and diabetes. I also specialise in tailored services for clients specifically from West African communities.

Let’s style your life together! Share your lifestyle goals and aspirations with me and I will show and equip you to get there while supporting you all the way. My approach focuses on bringing out the best in you and getting you to where you really want to be. When you coach with me, our teamwork is what will make your dream work.

Are leaders born or made? Nature vs nurture? My varied leadership experience over the years has equipped me to help leaders reach their full potential by discovering and developing their leadership skills through One-to-One and Group mentoring based on practical, powerful and proven strategies that improve productivity and enhance growth.

My speaking has taken me to various audiences in the UK and internationally. I speak at corporate, educational and healthcare events as well as places of worship. Clients describe me as “inspiring, engaging and genuine”; my effervescent personality, remarkable insight, warmth and wit make me the ideal speaker for your event.

I host and facilitate a variety of virtual and in-person events including awards ceremonies, corporate and charity events as well as conferences. I enjoy hosting glitzy, glamorous events just as much as I do professional ones. Whether personal or professional, in-person or virtual, I’ll make your event memorable and engaging in my capacity as event host and facilitator.