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Is Change Your Constant Friend or Foe?

Change has the potential to move you on to better things or flatten you like a steamroller.
The choice is yours.


I came across the quote above the other day and it reminded me of the fact that change is a constant companion whether we like it or not.

So why can it be so scary when it shows up?! I think it’s because change can be unpredictable and uncomfortable to navigate. However, we do have a choice in our response to change and I keep learning that if we take a deep breath and jump into the so-called ‘unknown’, we might find that it’s exactly what we need.

The next time change comes knocking on our door, let’s not be afraid to open up and embrace it. We may find that it’s actually just what we are looking for to propel us forward.

If you need help to navigate change without it flattening you so to speak, book your free breakthrough session with me so together we can map out a plan that works for you.

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