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True Beauty

The other day while waiting to pay for some items at my favourite makeup store, I found myself pondering on how many women were just as interested in their inner beauty as they were their outer beauty.

The brightly lit store was buzzing with women of all ages busy trying on and admiring the variety of makeup on offer. Even more

importantly, I wondered how many of my fellow shoppers were taking deliberate steps to cultivate their inner beauty.

It’s easy to get so caught up with how we look on the outside and forget that how we look on the inside is much more important and to be treasured. Our culture today prizes external beauty over inner beauty and character traits such as honesty, integrity, kindness etc are not applauded. Rather, everywhere you look, there is deliberate promotion of beauty that is from a jar, bottle or hair extension pack. The unspoken message is: “Focus on your appearance, the more you do, the better. There is no need to develop the real you, your character and inner strength”.

True beauty “doesn’t come in a bottle (or)…in a box, you can’t spray it on, you can’t wash it off…you can’t nip and tuck, you can’t sew it up, so don’t waste your time” – Mandisa Lynn Hundley.

External beauty, no matter how how hard we try to sustain it does indeed fade. Furthermore, we probably all know women (and men) who make the grade as beautifully wrapped boxes, but are nonetheless empty boxes.  In the words of Mandisa, “what’s inside of you…(and) me is what makes us …wonderful, beautiful, and marvelous” (or not); that’s where our true beauty lies. Skin is just the surface…the love in your heart…peace in your soul…hope in your smile lets the whole world know”.

Inner beauty has an inexplicable way of enhancing external beauty. It adds value not just to its owner but to everyone who comes in contact with them. There’s just something attractive about a person who has taken the time to cultivate their inner beauty – it simply shines through!

Would you like to cultivate your inner beauty and the real you this 2015? Then get in touch and let’s make it happen.