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The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Diet

Following the recent revelation by actress Angelina Jolie about her double preventative masectomy, I thought it useful to post a review of the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Diet.

Devised and written by fellow dietitian Dr Michelle Harvey, this informative and well-presented book provides an overview of breast cancer (including the defective BRCA1 gene which Angelina has and which predisposes carriers to breast cancer) and its prevention via lifestyle choices.

It focuses on weight management as a means of reducing the risk of breast cancer, and is aimed at women who want to reduce their risk of breast cancer as well as those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The book is divided into 4 parts: Part 1 explains what breast cancer is, how it develops and current risk factors for the disease, as well as how to reduce individual risk. Part 2 focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and provides the latest information on components of a healthy diet and their role in the development and prevention of cancer. It also gives practical diet and lifestyle advice to readers who have or have had breast cancer.

Part 3 highlights the impact of obesity and overweight on the development of breast cancer. Sensible, easy-to-follow weight loss and weight maintenance plans are provided, as are sample meal plans based on the Genesis Breast Cancer Diet. There is brief discussion on the behavioural elements of losing weight. Part 4 contains healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes (including vegetarian options) for a range of breakfast, lunch, supper and side dishes as well as desserts. Both metric and imperial measures are given, making for ease of use by a wide range of readers.

I think this is an excellent book which women in general, breast cancer patients (and their families), and healthcare professionals will find useful. Remember to be breast aware and speak with your doctor about any concerns you may have about breast cancer risk.

Have you read this book or consciously made diet and lifestyle changes to reduce your cancer risk? Leave me a comment below.