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The Dynamic Duo: Change and Commitment

With the first month of 2014 now in full swing, many of us will predictably be thinking of making change and setting goals in different areas of our lives – career, relationships, lifestyle, diet etc. However, are you committed enough  to reach your goals and make the change you so desire?

I shared a quote recently about change not being an enemy, highlighting the fact that change is good and worthy of pursuit. In reality, embracing change in any area of life is difficult. We are creatures of habit after all. Successful change happens when it we commit to it at all levels – intellectually, emotionally and physically such that it takes over your life and becomes your reality.

You cannot take an attitude of convenience and succeed in achieving any goal. Commitment means having a workable plan which caters and prepares for any potential eventualities such as when you run out of steam or your resolve is tested.

The most successul people to make lasting change are those who not only acknowledge that change requires commitment, but also recognise how much better life would be and are willing to make the effort required for the desired change to become their reality. They enjoy the journey and also analyse any failure along the way, learning from it rather than making it the end of their journey. Though inconvenient, they commit to change on all levels till it becomes their default because they believe it is worth the hassle.

What steps are you going to take to ensure you make successful and lasting change in your life this year?

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