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To Detox or Not to Detox? That, IS the Question!

With the New Year upon us, most of us will have resolved to eat better and live healthier. As such, many people will be embarking on a detox diet as a means of counteracting the overindulgences of the festive season. But what are detox diets and do they actually work?

Detox diets often involve eating a limited range of foods such as only fruit and vegetables or cutting out foods like wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. Sometimes food is avoided altogether for short periods of time. The idea behind detox diets is that we need to rid our bodies of toxins every now and then in order to remain healthy. Proponents claim that detoxing regularly can help with weight loss, improve cellulite and energy levels as well as improve digestion.

Here is the truth about detox diets:

Try Something New. Today.

When was the last time you were adventurous and tried something new? Yesterday? Last month? Last year? If it seems like your sense and spirit of adventure stopped years ago, then it’s time for a change.

It’s human nature to live in our comfort zones – it’s just safer and well, comfortable. Like a pair of well-worn shoes that so easily mould to the shape of your feet, we get used to doing things in a particular way. But we also know that at some point, the pair of well-worn shoes become an eyesore which need to be gotten rid of, no matter how comfortable they are. Growth and comfort cannot co-exist.

Southwark Health Factor Challenge

My client Southwark Council is currently running the Southwark Health Factor Challenge, a 10 -week X-Factor style programme. Now in its fifth week, 13 hopefuls (split into 3 groups) intend to improve their health and wellbeing by getting fitter and eating better.

As dietitian for the Health Factor Challenge, I hosted a special event last night at Southwark Council. “Eat Smart, Eat Healthy’ with Angela Tella” was a presentation open to the public and what an amazing response! I spoke on the concept of healthy eating and dispelled some myths about healthy eating being boring, expensive and complicated. There was plenty of lively discussion and many questions about the practicalities of healthy eating.

I also ran a workshop, ‘Making Successful and Lasting Diet and Lifestyle Change’ for the Health Factor Challenge participants. The workshop explored the practical aspects of making change by highlighting the behavioural aspects of successful change and providing tools for setting and achieving their diet and lifestyle goals.

Finally, there was the opportunity for the groups to choose and discuss a healthy recipe for a Cook and Eat session/competition the following day.  I had a great time and wish all participants every success over the next 6 weeks. For more information visit Southwark Health Factor.

Don’t Just Dream – Take a Leap and Make It Happen

It’s been such a busy time promoting both my new books and related seminars! These used to be a dream at one point, but are now a BIG reality in my life.

We all have dreams and goals we would love to achieve in life. I’m sure you, dear reader could come up with a list of your dreams – big ones, little ones, childhood ones, those for later life and the many in between. Many of us though are content to settle at simply being dreamers rather than being people who actually live their dream. Are you one of these?

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog where I share some of my work as well as my thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects that interest me. You’ll find a mix of posts on life, inspiration, faith and spiritual wellbeing, beauty, style, product reviews, health and whatever else catches my fancy.

Doing life well matters to me – I am passionate about women reaching their full potential in life and business and frequently receive questions about this so I’ll be sharing tips on how to. This is also the reason why I run a number of coaching programmes designed to equip women to reach their full potential. For women who recognise they are made for more than where they are at present – these programmes are about getting you unstuck, building your confidence and mastering the pieces of your life in order to get you to where you desire to be.

We all need encouragement in the various seasons of life so there will be posts to inspire, motivate and encourage you on your journey. We also need reminders and perspective about what really matters and what we need to invest our time (i.e life) in. Finally, downtime is required to rest, refresh and recharge so there’ll be posts on this too.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you as we aim to reach our full potential in life or business.

Cheering you on always,

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