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Men’s Health On My Mind

Ever since I was asked for my thoughts on a number of ingredients used by the food industry for a men’s health magazine, I’ve had men’s health on my mind! I didn’t blog about men’s health during National Men’s Health Week (13th to 19th of June) so it seems appropriate to share my thoughts (two really) now while they are fresh.

Fact #1: Men generally tend to have poorer health than women

This may surprise you but even more surprisingly, it’s not because of an increased risk of specific diseases but simply because men are less likely to monitor their health compared to women. Women usually make more visits to doctors over their lifetime, (probably due to pregnancies and other female-specific issues that require medical attention). There is evidence that these visits keep women in touch with health services, improving their general health outcomes.

Fact #2: Men are also less likely to seek medical help even when they need it.

Many men ignore symptoms or delay medical contact when sick or in pain. For instance, almost half of all prostate cancers are detected late not because the cancer spreads fast, but because men are slower at making an appointment to see their doctor.

Men, here are five things you can do to look after your health and wellbeing:

  • Attend health screening programmes where available.
  • Don’t ignore or delay seeing your doctor if you notice anything unusual.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Keep active.

And ladies, if you are reading this, share this post with the men you know – you never know, you could save a life in the process or be a catalyst for change.

Are you a man who looks after his health or are you guilty of the facts above? What struggles or challenges have you experienced in your quest to be healthy? Share your thoughts in the comment box.