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Keep Calm and Read a Book

I came across this poster at my local library the other day. I must confess – I love to read! One of my ways of relaxing is with a good book – nothing beats a great plot and storyline. Or new knowledge in an area of interest. I’ve been known to visit friends, discover their home library and ‘poof!’, I’m lost in some pages! I also subscribe to a number of magazines. There’s just a magnetic pull I simply can’t resist and I regularly engage in reading marathons. Recently, I’ve had the time and space to read quite a few books on a variety of subjects, ranging from parenting, faith and politics, to plenty of fiction. One of my latest reads is Agatha Christie’s ‘Elephants Don’t Remember’ having finished Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Americanah’.

Research shows that those who read for pleasure are 33% more likely to enjoy good health and life satisfaction and growing evidence suggests that a good book is as beneficial as a holiday and can de-stress and raise your happiness factor. I completely agree – what are you reading at the moment? Share your good reads in the comment box below.