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Give Yourself a Sticker

gold_star_stickerMy 7-year old asked me this morning if she could have a sticker. “What for?” I asked. (It was first thing in the morning and stickers tend to be requested in recognition of an achievement of some sort). I found her answer so simple yet so profound. “For being me”, she replied.

As I reflect on our conversation, I wonder whether as adults we award ourselves stickers for no other reason than simply being ourselves. Not for our possessions, what others think of us or for our achievements. It made me wonder whether we realise that we matter and our being is worth celebrating. Of course I don’t mean actual stickers, but the simple recognition that our being is important.

Are you aware of this truth? If you have never considered it or have forgotten, then it’s time to acknowledge that you do matter and give yourself a sticker, albeit a virtual one!

Image credit: Hirevision.com