Don’t Just Dream – Make It Happen

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It’s been such a busy time with promoting both my new books and related seminars! Funny how this used to be a dream at one point, but is now a BIG reality in my life.

We all have dreams and goals we would love to achieve in life. I’m sure you, dear reader could come up with a list of your dreams – big ones, little ones, childhood ones, those for later life and the many in between. Many of us though are content to settle at simply being daydreamers rather than being people who actually live their dream. Are you one of these?

In a presentation entitled ‘Making Your Dreams a Reality – A Journey’ at the Sister2Sister Flagship event in London earlier today, I shared my journey to writing the world’s first books providing tailored diet and lifestyle solutions to the diet and lifestyle-related health issues facing West Africans today. I reminded my audience of the fact that each of us is born with a seed of significance inside us, and that we, as individuals were the solution to a specific problem around us. Unless you do what you were made to do, someone out there would be deprived of something they really, really needed. In essence, the world is waiting for YOU!!

I shared from my experience some of the things that can get in the way of us accomplishing our dreams, strategies for moving from being a daydreamer to actually making your dream happen, as well as top tips for getting to the final destination. All in all lots of food for thought and a great session from the feedback I received from participants – mission accomplished!

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