Don’t Give Up on Hope

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Hope_Rising-displayWhen life deals you a hand you never expected, what do you do with your shattered dream? By virtue of what I do, I have had the humbling privilege of walking alongside many when this happens – an unhappy marriage, financial troubles, suicidal tendencies, a miscarriage, unrequited love, unfulfilled aspirations.

Not always the easiest aspect of what I do but absolutely rewarding when beauty and purpose arise from the ashes of what was or seemingly has been lost. I have seen people blossom and experience growth as they’ve embraced the pain of their circumstance, chosen to hope and been inspired to take action.

Hope is something you just cannot live without.  As the saying goes, “Where there is life there is hope”. The converse is also true – where there is hope there is life. Today be encouraged. Know that nothing EVER happens by chance. You may have made wrong choices and your situation is simply a consequence of these because every choice we make has an outcome. That said, life can still turn out right when you have hope.

Remember, every disappointment in life is part of the process of moulding us into amazing people who ultimately become better not just for ourselves but for everyone we encounter. So, don’t give up on hope.

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