Angela can help you uncover what you truly want for your life and assist you in developing an action plan to enable you reach your goal(s). As a coach, she provides an unbiased outside eye to help you see things clearly while applying techniques from her training and sharing her learning from her own life experiences. While she helps you style your life, Angela will be your personal cheerleader on your journey towards your defined goals.

Why Coach With Angela?

Be empowered by the creativity of two minds working in partnership  when you coach with Angela. Work with a coach with an infectious enthusiasm for living life well, and who is genuinely passionate to see you succeed and get to your goals.

The partnership you create in customised coaching sessions will provide focus, support and encouragement to help you deal with obstacles and push through the fear and discomfort of making changes.  Most importantly, Angela will customize her skills, tools and techniques to meet your unique needs. She will also:

  • Help you clearly identify your goals and achieve them more quickly than you could by yourself;
  • Be objective, listen attentively, and respond with honest, compassionate feedback;
  • Remind you of your strengths, talents and gifts;
  • Guide you in developing useful life skills and resources;
  • Teach you effective ways to handle overwhelming feelings that prevent you from taking action on your goals;
  • Offer a powerful and effective support system based on encouragement and positive feedback.

Here is what a client had to say about one of Angela’s sessions:

Contact Angela and join the numerous people who have benefitted from her coaching.

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