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Category Archives: Inspiration

Merry Christmas!

It’s so amazing how quickly 2013 has flown by – it’s already time to celebrate Christmas again!

Thank you to all my lovely clients and followers for all the interesting conversations and interactions over the past year. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Wishing you the very best compliments of this special season.


Change is Not Your Enemy

Are you afraid of change? I came across this and thought to share:

Change isn’t your enemy, it is just evidence of growth. What worked yesterday can be tomorrow’s recipe for failure. You can’t become who you are destined to be, if you insist on staying as you are. ‘Only fools and dead men don’t change…Fools won’t, and dead men can’t.’

What do you think? Is it time for YOU to make change happen in your life?

Give Yourself a Sticker

gold_star_stickerMy 7-year old asked me this morning if she could have a sticker. “What for?” I asked. (It was first thing in the morning and stickers tend to be requested in recognition of an achievement of some sort). I found her answer so simple yet so profound. “For being me”, she replied.

As I reflect on our conversation, I wonder whether as adults we award ourselves stickers for no other reason than simply being ourselves. Not for our possessions,

Don’t Give Up on Hope

When life deals you a hand you never expected, what do you do with what’s left? By virtue of what I do, I have had the rather humbling privilege of walking alongside many when this happens – an unhappy marriage, financial troubles, suicidal tendencies, a miscarriage, unrequited love, unfulfilled dreams and aspirations.

Not always the easiest aspect of what I do but absolutely rewarding when beauty and purpose arise from the ashes of what was or seemingly has been lost. I have seen people blossom