Healthy West African & Wise™

Put your health first without losing your heritage

In this first ever book written specifically to address the diet- and lifestyle-related health issues faced by people from West African communities, discover:

  • Why chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity and hypertension are becoming increasingly common in people of West African origin;
  • What you can do to prevent and manage these health conditions;
  • How to avoid cultural stumbling blocks to good health without sacrificing your cultural heritage;
  • Healthy tips for cooking the foods you love and advice for healthy and savvy shopping;
  • Practical steps for managing stress and overcoming barriers to being physically active;
  • Sample recipes (with nutritional analysis) and portion size guides for West African foods…and much more.

Available for purchase at Healthy West African.

Healthy, West African & Wise book

Healthy West African & Wise™ Food Guide

Discover and enjoy the health benefits of West African foods when you make them part of your healthy eating plan!

Written as a companion to Healthy, West African & Wise™ and containing profiles of 80 foods that feature in the West African diet, this unique book provides invaluable nutritional information and highlights little-known but fascinating facts about each food and its use in West African cuisine.

Harness the nutritional power of West African foods to benefit your health today.

Available for purchase at Healthy West African.

Healthy, West African & Wise Food Guide book

Waste Less, Save More, Eat Well Recipe Book

Discover how to eat well while reducing food waste and saving money.

I developed this recipe book promoting affordable healthy eating and food waste reduction messages as part of the Sainsbury’s £10 million Waste Less, Save More campaign.

There are recipes for everyone including some West African/West African inspired ones and an accompanying meal plan of all the recipes I wrote and curated. Download the book and try them out yourself.