Winning at Weight Loss

scales, tape and dumbellsFACT : We make around 250 food-related decisions every day without even realising it

FACT : You only need to eat an extra 100 calories a day to gain 5.5kg (10lbs) over the course of a year.

(100 calories = 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips or 28 red grapes or 1 tablespoon of butter or 1 medium banana).

FACT : Fact One + Fact Two = Effortless weight gain

Successful weight loss involves not jut losing weight but also keeping it off. One of Read More

How To Have A Productive Day

Productive-Quotes-3Productivity has nothing to do with how busy you are. More and more, I’m consciously scrutinising my activity and reflecting regularly on whether I am actually being productive or simply busy for the sake of it.

I daresay that the busier you are, the less productive you will be. When faced with the option to be involved in a myriad of things I remind myself that I am firstly a human being, not a human doing.

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The Dynamic Duo: Change and Commitment

imageWith the first month of 2014 now in full swing, many of us will predictably be thinking of making change and setting goals in different areas of our lives – career, relationships, lifestyle, diet etc. However, are you committed enough  to reach your goals and make the change you so desire?

I shared a quote recently about change not being an enemy, highlighting the fact that change is good and worthy of pursuit. In reality, embracing change in any area of life is difficult. We are creatures of habit after all. Successful change
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Merry Christmas!

MCIt’s so amazing how quickly 2013 has flown by – it’s already time to celebrate Christmas again!

Thank you to all my lovely clients and fans for all the interesting conversations and interactions over the past year. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Wishing you the very best compliments of this special season.

Tea with the Baroness

I had the pleasure of being part of a small group of female entrepreneurs invited to the House of Lords for afternoon tea with Baroness Uddin (pictured with me below). Tea was a delightful affair as the other pictures  show and with the mini scones directly in front of me there was no Read More

5 Healthy Living Strategies for a Better Business/Career

losing it + loving itAs an entrepreneur, I fully understand the challenge of balancing a busy working life with looking after yourself. As passionate, hands-on people, entrepreneurs and career-focused folk are keen to get the job done…many times to the detriment of their health and wellbeing.

It is so easy to forget that WE are the greatest asset our business or career has. So, as a reminder, here are my Read More

Change is Not Your Enemy

Are you afraid of change? I came across this and thought to share:

Change isn’t your enemy, it is just evidence of growth. What worked yesterday can be tomorrow’s recipe for failure. You can’t become who you are destined to be, if you insist on staying as you are. ‘Only fools and dead men don’t change…Fools won’t, and dead men can’t.’

What do you think? Is it time for YOU to make change happen in your life?

Give Yourself a Sticker

gold_star_stickerMy 7-year old asked me this morning if she could have a sticker. “What for?” I asked. (It was first thing in the morning and stickers tend to be requested in recognition of an achievement of some sort). I found her answer so simple yet so profound. “For being me”, she replied.

As I reflect on our conversation, I wonder whether as adults we award ourselves stickers for no other reason than simply being ourselves. Not for our possessions, Read More

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