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How To: 5 Super Easy Ways to Conquer Procrastination

Procrastination is a major obstacle that many of my clients give as the reason for not accomplishing their goals. It’s just easier to leave things undone, especially when there is so much calling for our attention as women. And yet, many also report that procrastination has created frustration and a sense of unfulfillment in their lives.

Learn the Easy Way to Overcome Perfectionism

Have you locked yourself in a prison of perfectionism and thrown away the key?

Perfectionism can be debilitating…

  • It keeps us stuck because we don’t want to risk failure;
  • It helps us hide behind excuses instead of getting tasks done;
  • It steals opportunities and possibilities because we wait for everything to be perfect before we make a move;
  • It puts unnecessary pressure on us because we ‘overthink’ everything.
  • It’s exhausting and causes delay!

At Last, a Proven Solution for Negative Feelings

A question that I encounter when in conversation with my clients is “How do I deal with my negative feelings of ________ [Fill in the blank e.g. inadequacy, self-doubt]?”.

Our feelings can always be traced back to our thoughts. Each day our minds process as many as 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts! Not every one of those thoughts is helpful; unhelpful thoughts produce feelings that do not necessarily reflect the truth about us or our situation.

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