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At Last, a Proven Solution for Negative Feelings

A question that I encounter when in conversation with my clients is “How do I deal with my negative feelings of ________ [Fill in the blank e.g. inadequacy, self-doubt]?”.

Our feelings can always be traced back to our thoughts. Each day our minds process as many as 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts! Not every one of those thoughts is helpful; unhelpful thoughts produce feelings that do not necessarily reflect the truth about us or our situation.

The quickest way to handle negative feelings is to assess what our minds are feeding on. Do we allow our minds to be constantly bombarded with negative information about us and our world? Is our self-talk negative? We need to remember that what goes in ALWAYS comes out. For this reason, learning to master the activity taking place in the space between our ears requires intentionality and is key to reaching our full potential both personally and professionally.

Today, when you experience a negative feeling, don’t just embrace it, challenge your thoughts and check what you are allowing into your mind. Book your free breakthrough session so we can challenge those thoughts together and map a way forward for you.

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