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5 Healthy Living Strategies for a Better Business/Career

As an entrepreneur, I fully understand the challenge of balancing a busy working life with looking after yourself. As passionate, hands-on people, entrepreneurs and career-focused folk are keen to get the job done…many times to the detriment of their health and wellbeing.

It is so easy to forget that WE are the greatest asset our business or career has. So, as a reminder, here are my top five tried and tested tips for busy entrepreneurs and career-focused people.

1. Eat better

Start as you mean to go on by having breakfast to kick-start your body and mind. Studies show that people who regularly eat breakfast perform better at a variety of tasks than those who skip breakfast. Base lunch on high-fibre starchy foods, supersize on vegetables or salad and have a piece of fruit afterwards. Avoid large lunches and deep-fried foods/high-fat meals as they can affect your concentration in the afternoon.  A sensible snack either side of lunch will maintain your energy levels and keep the munchies at bay; starchy carbohydrate foods and fruit are best.

2. Drink enough

Good hydration is essential for good health so aim for 6 to 8 glasses a day. This includes tea, coffee, diluted fruit juice, sugar-free squashes, diet fizzy drinks and water. Make a habit of sipping though the day and avoid having too much caffeine (found in coffee, some cola drinks and teas). Remember to drink more in warmer weather, air-conditioned environments and if exercising.

3. Move more

Regular physical activity helps to keep you mentally alert, boosts your energy levels and increases your stamina. It also protects your immune system, making you more resilient to the effects of stress. Reserve a daily 30-minute slot on your calendar to remind you to be active. I enjoy working out with weights and deliberately use the stairs instead of lifts. If you work from home, try walking about your home office during phone calls. If you’re employed, you could also take advantage of work-based gyms or employee discounts that your employer may offer. Whatever you do, choose to move more.

4. Schedule regular ‘down time’

‘Down time’ for me equates to rest, relaxation, quiet time, quality sleep, time to nurture relationships and laughter. ‘Down time’ reinforces the fact that 1) you are an important asset to your business and 2) a looked-after asset will keep yielding good returns. Personally, I find that quiet times provide space to reflect, unwrap creativity, assess situations and facilitate problem-solving, while sleep refreshes my mind and body. Many of my eureka and problem-solving moments have been during quiet times or just after a restful sleep. I also look for funny moments and laugh a lot!

5. Mind management

What’s your thought life like? Helpful or unhelpful? Managing your mind is not an easy task but is crucial if you want to succeed in life and in business.  Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Believe you can’t and well…  Your thoughts become your reality because if you think on them long enough you WILL act on them. That said, thoughts are like birds: you may not be able to stop them flying over your head but you can certainly stop them from nesting in it. So manage your mind for, “As a (wo)man thinks, so is (s)he”.

Which of these proven tips will you incorporate into your working day today? Leave a comment to let me know.

2 Replies to “5 Healthy Living Strategies for a Better Business/Career”

  1. I couldnt agree more, its srprising the number of people that are only firing on half due to a lack of health diet and exercise.

    1. It is indeed Laura, especially as these are areas we can control and improve by making small, sustainable changes. Thanks for your comment.

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